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Mon, 22 Jul 2019 17:02:02 +0000 | Ben Coxworth
Health & Wellbeing, Ben Coxworth

The ideal temperature range is said to be 104 to 109 ºF (40 to 43 ºC)

It's already commonly thought that a warm bath before going to bed helps improve your sleep. A new meta-study has apparently confirmed this to be the case, however, and has even come up with exact figures regarding the best times and temperatures.

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Category: Health & Wellbeing

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 16:10:37 +0000 | Paul Ridden
Robotics, Paul Ridden

Toyota's fleet of helper robots will support the mobility of people during the 2020 Olympic Games ...

Back in March, the first Tokyo 2020 Robot Project helpers were revealed. Now Toyota has pulled back the curtain on its full line-up, with mascot bots, full-sized humanoids and field support bots joining the delivery and human support robots already announced.

.. Continue Reading Toyota reveals full line-up of support robots for 2020 Olympics

Category: Robotics

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 13:28:38 +0000 | Adam Williams
Tiny Houses, Adam Williams

Casa Parásito measures just 12 sq m (129 sq ft)

Casa Parásito (Parasite House), by El Sindicato Arquitectura, is the latest in a long line of parasitic architecture we've covered and offers an interesting take on tiny living. Rather than sitting on wheels like most tiny houses we come across, this model is installed on the roof of an existing inner-city building.

.. Continue Reading Parasitic tiny house is installed on the roofs of city buildings

Category: Tiny Houses

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 13:17:37 +0000 | Paul Ridden
Music, Paul Ridden

The Kemper Profiler Stage puts hundreds of amps at a player's feet

Back in 2011, Christoph Kemper introduced guitarists to a powerful digital amplifier that could accurately recreate the sounds of any other amp and store loads of them in one place. Four years later, players were offered the ability to switch Profiler models using their feet. And now the two have been merged into one with the introduction of the Kemper Profiler Stage.

.. Continue Reading Kemper takes the Stage with combined Profiler amp and Remote

Category: Music

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 11:04:30 +0000 | Matt Kennedy
Mobile Technology, Matt Kennedy

The Keyport OmniFob works with Chipolo's tracking software out of the box, regardless of if you ...

The OmniFob is designed to be the last fob you'll ever need. A universal remote of sorts for your keychain. This teachable, versatile device is more than just a key-tracker that can open your garage door or send an SOS, it can integrate with your Smart Home systems and even start and lock your car.

.. Continue Reading OmniFob is designed to eliminate the need for other fobs, including your car keys

Category: Mobile Technology

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 07:21:48 +0000 | Michael Irving
Energy, Michael Irving

A new battery cell design could help us tap into the vast stores of geothermal energy ...

One of the largest natural sources of renewable energy could be right under our feet – literally. The Earth itself is a big warm ball just waiting for us to tap into it, with vast stores of geothermal energy lying beneath Australia, the United States and plenty of other areas. Now researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Sanoh Industrial have developed a new type of battery cell that can directly convert heat energy into electricity.

.. Continue Reading New geothermal battery directly converts heat to electricity

Category: Energy

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 05:56:23 +0000 | Nick Lavars
Urban Transport, Nick Lavars

Inside the Hyperloop test tube at SpaceX headquarters

Now in its fourth instalment, SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod competition continues to bring out the very best in student engineering teams from all around the world, with the 2019 edition again pushing the boundaries of the experimental transport technology. The reigning champions from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) returned to fend off their challengers, setting a new speed record in the process.

.. Continue Reading Hyperloop hits record speeds at SpaceX's 2019 Pod competition

Category: Urban Transport

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 05:24:01 +0000 | Rich Haridy
Health & Wellbeing, Rich Haridy

Another large-scale study has found if you are otherwise healthy then vitamin supplements do not do ...

A massive umbrella study, encompassing 277 clinical trials, into the effects of nutritional supplements and dietary interventions has concluded almost all vitamin and mineral supplements play no role in protecting from cardiovascular disease, or extending one's lifespan.

.. Continue Reading Massive meta-study finds most vitamin supplements have no effect on lifespan or heart health

Category: Health & Wellbeing

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 03:20:56 +0000 | Michael Irving
Medical, Michael Irving

Researcher Justin Deniset using live imaging microscopy to watch pericardial cells

As important and durable as it is, the heart has quite a lot of difficulty in repairing itself after sustaining damage. But now, researchers from the University of Calgary have found a previously unidentified cell population in the fluid that surrounds the heart, which seems to help heal injuries.

.. Continue Reading Newly-discovered cells help patch up scarred hearts

Category: Medical

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 03:14:07 +0000 | Rich Haridy
Digital Cameras, Rich Haridy

Honorable mention, Landscape. The Whale’s Mouth Cloud, the cloud that appears when the first gust front ...

The art of minimalist photography involves stripping an image back to just a few key compositional elements – be it a color, shape or texture. The images celebrated in this year's Minimalist Photography Awards highlight how beautiful, and compelling, this deceptively simple aesthetic can be, across an impressively broad variety of categories.

.. Continue Reading Glorious shapes, patterns and textures in the 2019 Minimalist Photography Awards

Category: Digital Cameras