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Animal News

Thu, 02 Jul 2020 17:46:58 +1000 | Malcolm Sutton
Community and Society, Law, Crime and Justice, Human Interest, Local Government, Animal Welfare

A council bylaw aimed at controlling nuisance cats in the city's south is knocked back in a review, despite similar laws taking effect in the Adelaide Hills this week.

Thu, 02 Jul 2020 09:52:31 +1000
Birds, Animal Attacks, Animals, Animal Welfare, Animal Nutrition, Miscellaneous Animal Production, Animal Behaviour, Animal Science
Magpies can sing as loud as a lawnmower, and with an incredibly complex vocal range they're the opera singers of the avian world.
Tue, 30 Jun 2020 17:26:12 +1000 | Kirstie Wellauer, Luisa Rubbo And Michael Cavanagh
Animal Welfare, Sport

The New South Wales greyhound industry hopes the introduction of new welfare standards will improve the community's perception of the sport.

Tue, 30 Jun 2020 17:26:12 +1000
Sport, Animal Welfare
Thu, 25 Jun 2020 09:05:22 +1000 | Erin Handley
Animal Welfare, Animals, Animal Behaviour, Travel and Tourism, Ethics

The footage shows elephants chained up and trained to perform tricks, like walking on their hind legs, spinning a hula hoop with their trunks or painting on a canvas.

Thu, 25 Jun 2020 07:01:26 +1000
Community and Society, Animal Welfare, Animal Attacks, Offbeat, Gardening, Animal Behaviour, Birds
Residents of the Darwin suburb The Gardens Sue Bradley and Catherine McAlpine pine for the lost peafowl which used to roam the streets and have suddenly disappeared.
Thu, 25 Jun 2020 07:01:26 +1000 | Conor Byrne And Lyrella Cochrane
Offbeat, Animal Welfare, Animal Behaviour, Animals, Gardening, Community and Society, Birds

A group of peafowl has been a feature of The Gardens for two decades, but recently dwindled from about six to one lonely male. Fowl play is suspected.

Wed, 24 Jun 2020 07:37:59 +1000 | David Chen
Animals, Defence Forces, Animal Welfare

A very large koala rescued near Oakey has been released back into the wild after being found suffering from a condition that could have sent him blind.

Mon, 22 Jun 2020 15:13:20 +1000 | Sowaibah Hanifie
Law, Crime and Justice, Animal Welfare, Animal Science, Science and Technology, Human Interest, Animals, Community and Society

The 59 hatchlings were being bred for a crocodile farm as part of a research project, and staff say it is not the first time baby crocodiles have been stolen from the crocodile park.